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AOC Climate Change Documentary Absolutely BOMBS at the Box Office – Averaging $80 per Theater

AOC Climate Change Documentary Absolutely BOMBS at the Box Office – Averaging $80 per Theater

Favorite Democratic Socialist Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been making headlines since leftist mega-donors began channeling their funds into her political career on AstroTurf.

Unfortunately for the makers of the climate documentary To the End, which stars the New York congresswoman, her star power doesn’t seem to be enough to garner box office success.

The film hit theaters on Friday and ran in 120 theaters for four days. It’s hard to imagine a full house at any of these venues as the film grossed a mere $9,667, according to Box Office Mojo, for an average profit of $17 per theater on Sunday.

The characters become even more painful as the game progresses.

$9,667 across 120 theaters is an average of $81 per theater. We can imagine that would be about eight viewers per theater if we’re really, really generous. That makes a total of around 960 spectators, everywhere.

“Stopping the climate crisis is a matter of political courage, and the clock is ticking,” reads the film’s description on Box Office Mojo. “Over three years of turbulence and crisis, four young women fight for a Green New Deal and ignite a historic shift in US climate policy.”

The film centers on Ocasio-Cortez and three other climate activists who, as The Wrap’s Elizabeth Weitzman described it, “bring an obvious passion to their efforts.”

Here’s the preview:

As you can see, To the End looks simply captivating. I can’t believe no one showed up to see it.

Though the film also stars activists Varshini Prakash, Alexandra Rojas, and Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Weitzman gushed that “no one puts the screen center stage like Ocasio-Cortez, leaving us with a diffuse and familiar narrative about advocacy in general.” “

Say what you can about the ever-popular congresswoman, I don’t think anyone can disagree with the fact that she brings an “obvious passion” to her climate activism and a “vague and familiar one” to anyone who has ever heard her speak narrative” about their favorite political topics of conversation.

It’s so similar to AOC’s presence in the national conversation in general: It loves tossing around terms like “morality” and “activism” without anchors in any kind of inherent truth. Her whole ploy is to feign moral superiority by simply claiming something is oppressive, just like the broader progressive worldview she holds.


Americans are sending an unmistakable message to big government Democrats that they are likely to ignore

Neither a “vague and familiar narrative” nor the depiction of an “obvious passion” are good in and of themselves. Nor do they bolster the legitimacy of Ocasio-Cortez’s wildly far-fetched aspirations for climate legislation.

But she brings an obvious passion to spreading these diffuse and familiar narratives – we can absolutely do that to her.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, for all the dissemination and familiarity of her narrative, none of this seems to have been enough to draw viewers to theaters, making the film a classic box-office flop for all its praise from critics.

Well, you’d think that would be the case with the proliferation of voices like AOC and their fellow “Squad” around the house — not to mention all the performative gluing and soup-slinging that some particularly zealous climate activists have been doing lately is the kind of movie that would resonate with the millions of Americans who just clamor for electric vehicles, bug burgers, and reusable straws.

I don’t think so – which begs the question of whether AOC’s narratives are really that diffuse.